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On our website we turn boring and monotonous excursions into fascinating interactive travel - Questcursion allos you the solo experience or you can spend it with friends at any time convenient for you. 

Authors of quests traveled over dozens of cities and read hundreds of books and Internet  articles to find the most interesting places and stories and continue to do it. This research means  the questcursion experience is  interesting and gives you the  maximum pleasure. Every month, on our website, new questcursions on various subjects and on various regions, from different authorsl appear.

You have the opportunity to create the adventure, using our resources and to earn from this having created the questcursion! With our help you can develop a quest for advertizing  your products, to celebrate a special event or simply to create an additional source of income.

If your business is in an interesting place and you want to market it, then we can give you a fine opportunity to make this happen. Create your own kvestkursiya determining where you want  to start and how you want finish.

For those who are engaged in education or promoting a region a quest of an ekskrsiya is an excellent opportunity to draw attention to a region important to you and to tell other people about it.


Play questcursion, create the adventures!

Open for yourself the world around and tell the world about yourself!